Artefrakt Experimental video clip

Artefrakt is a film about digital textures. These textures are audiovisual structures that hold no other information than information about the medium itself. They appear in every communication medium in form of interferences, glitches or display errors.

Produced by Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg and supported by MFG Baden-Württemberg

a film by Bennet Meyer & Iris Schwarz, Producer Bennet Meyer, Music by Nicolai Krepart, Actress Nadine Mann

Textures of digital media (meaning digital audiovisual display errors) are unique. When we experience them they seem to evoke all kinds of aversive feelings. Artefrakt confronts digital textures with nature and the human being. Above all it approaches the way we perceive these very special media textures.

Special thanks to…
Prof. Dr. Heike Sperling, Sebastian Netz, Robin Albrecht, Simeon Hermann, Paul Brenner, Shoko Hara, Studiengang Motion Design, Konstantin Schenk, Jürgen Klotzenbücher, Prof. Hans Beller, Rudolph Schwarz

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